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Welcome to Ihome Flooring, the leading timber flooring company in Sydney. We supply and install quality guaranteed products at satisfy prices and provide excellent customer service. Don’t rely on just anybody with your floors; come to one of the most trusted companies in Australia. A well planned, well installed and well finished floor will be the highlight of any building.

As we know, everybody has different tastes. Our great range of products can ensure that whatever your preferred style is, with us you will find the best timber flooring Sydney has to offer. Come to our Showroom today and convince yourself of our superior goods.


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Three showrooms located at Campsie, Homebush West and Carlingford. Each showroom is staffed by people with extensive knowledge and expertise to advise customers on their individual requirements. Over 1000 home renovation jobs have been done with us. We have built good relationships with plenty of agents, developers, builders, and local customers.

How to choose good quality floor:

BAMBOO ----- Characteristics

Gives decor an exotic accent. Beautiful blond tone with natural striations. Carbonization process deepens grain and colour. Some natural shades available.

Environmentally friendly: Bamboo is a renewable, rapid-growth plant.
Harder and more resistant to dampness than wood, making it particularly suitable for the kitchen and basement.

Relatively limited selection of shades.


LAMINATE ----- Characteristics
Great selection of styles and colours. Looks like wood, stone, ceramic.

Resists stains, scratches, dents, even cigarette burns. Relatively easy to DIY, often directly on top of existing floor. Click-into-place styles can simply be dismantled and taken with you when you move. Good-quality laminate can last up to 25 years.

Not recommended for bathrooms or other damp areas. Must be replaced when worn.


VINYL ----- Characteristics
Huge selection of styles and colours. Available in tiles or sheets.

Low price, low maintenance.

Double-thick vinyl is ideal for damp areas like bathrooms. Tiles are easy to DIY if the subfloor is level.

Vulnerable to scratches, tears, stains and wear.